Thursday, May 20, 2010

ITS Journey with Herbalife!!!

To my surprise, from my dear ones whom I know for sometime I received some query about the meals that I’ve been taking as part of my shapework plan…

Basically I was'nt a person who was idle at home.But I was always on the over-weight side.
You know,people always comes with lots of advices when we are in a confused state.

People have told my parents that it is due to lack of physical exercise, I was putting on weight.
However my parents would tell them that I was an active Badminton player,and have even won the Kerala Championship in 2001 as well as been the Runner up in 2002.
My Kollam badminton Team!!!

Then they used to conclude , it could be due to hormonal problems (thyroid ) or hereditry for the reason of my over-weight.

In spite of those conclusion they never used to shy away from giving various suggestions /advices.
1)Replacing my morning tea with a glass of bitter-gourd juice and snake gourd juice

2) Honey with lime in lukewarm water.

3) GM diet.

4) Joining health-care centre, which guaranteed inch and weight loss.

Currently, I don’t see any reason for shying away & feel lot more confident

and comfortable writing now, I guess there’s no harm to share aeh?

Well, we’re on the same page friends, u’re not alone!! :-)

On Sept 06, 2008 at the age of 23 when I got married, i was weighing 71.5kg & waist size was 36 inches...!!! Since adolescent my body was on the heavier side.

That's me on my wedding day!!!

This is our engagement Snap.
Our Engagement was on July 14th,2008 and it was after that I joined V.... Slimming Centre and undergone two sections (one in the morning and another in the evening) for a month's time for weight reduction.I would never say 'slimming centre' is good or bad.

I would like to share our Wedding and Reception party snaps here,and you could see the result what I got from the Slimming Centres.
Reception Snaps!!!

It was in April 2009 , my husband introduced me to product called "Herbalife" by saying a Nutritional Breakfast to Break fat .... A Nutritional health drink comprising of essential vitamins minerals , soyprotien, carbohydrates

My response was "Are you Crazy"??? No not again !!!!

I had absolutely no faith on any product with which i could lose weight and be healthy . However just to please my husband,  agreed for a final attempt to lose weight...

He also explained to me  that for a healthy living , a balance of 70% diet and  30% physical excercise is required.

Well my diet plan was quite simple... As i was told i only replaced my breakfast with the nutritional shake mix, and continued with my normal lunch & dinner....

For physical excercise after marriage, I could not continue my 'Badminton ' practice ... However started walking for 10 mins( 300mts) daily to the bus-stop and used stairs to reach my office.

By June 2009 , i could see a incredible change in me... My weight had reduced to 63 Kg & waist was reduced to 30". I am thankful to my husband and HERBALIFE.

I still enjoy delights like, chicken ,ice-cream & chocolate but along with HERBALIFE.

I Love Herbalife as it brought a healthy living in me & my dear n near ones.
Do check out the wonderful results!!!

Oou, Earlier I could never refuse people’s invitation for lunch /dinner, so do today...hahaha…

However today my body is completly regulated by HEBALIFE , which fixes the wrong food consumed by me!!!

By using Herbalife, we lose weight  by burning FAT unlike breaking muscle mass.
As mentioned in the beginning , people come with lot of advices/suggestions in order to lose weight. That results only in confusion..         0 - 0
I'm certain that by now you  must be quite excited by seeing the wonderful change in me.

Thanks to Almighty and hubby for introducing me to this wonderful Nutrition called HERBALIFE!!!
Its the association of these wonderful people like Dr.Anoop Mishra (Padmashree Award Winner and twice B.C.Roy Award winner),Saina Nehwal (Indian Brand Ambassador-Badminton Champion), LA Galaxy Team ( David Beckham and his entire Team members) with Herbalife has given us the courage to have the initial trust in the No.1 Nutrition Company, "HERBALIFE", which is present in 73 countries world-wide now.


  1. hai arathy,
    ijust gone through ur blog..its nice to see ur photos and ur experience..I am a lady of 32 and mother of 2 kids..I am having some hormonal issues and took treatment for my 1st pregnancy...and the drastic change made me from "medium "to 3XL..dieting gym everything i tried..max loss is 5 kg!!!I lost confidence and even mental depression ..I become v.shy to face people or even attend any function..U know last month there was a wedding I couldn't able to escape ..that full night I was crying even thinking y should I live like this!!!In front of all my cousins i stood like a buffoon..u know before this ppl consider me as the beautiqueen of the family!!!(u can check my old photos in facebook)...I dont want to go that extreme..but at least ppl should consider me as a human being that's all..
    just want to know about this product and were I can get this..Pls help me

    1. Dear Mrs k.b, I Shanthinagarajan, Herbalife Wellness Coach from Chennai. I too got astonished on seeing the results of Mrs. Arthy Sujeet. Did you got any guidance to reduce yr wt. If you are still in need call me 9042903291/9600064357. All the best!