Sunday, November 22, 2009


First of all friends,I would like to share an important fact about HERBALIFE...its not a medicene ...its just a

wonderful way that helps you to live a healthy life!!!

Our environment is high with potentially toxic chemicals that can enter the body through the air we breathe and the food and water we consume. During the process of life itself the body produces toxic metabolic by-products that must be eliminated to maintain health and vitality.

The well-nourished and healthy body normally eliminates these toxic wastes through the lungs, skin, kidneys and digestive system. Unfortunately, over time, as a result of stress and poor nutritional habits, including inadequate fiber intake, insufficient hydration and excessive intake of processed foods, the elimination process may be slowed and toxic accumulation can occur.

Do you have these challenges?

•Feelings of low energy

Excess gas and bloating

•General malaise and fatigue

•Difficulty in weight loss

•Poor digestion/bowel function

•Headaches and irritability


The large intestine (colon) is the digestive system’s key organ of elimination.

It plays a significant role in the absorption of fluids, electrolytes and certain essential vitamins. When colon function is impaired or sluggish, not only is its ability to excrete waste reduced, but the natural environment of friendly bacteria can become upset. This condition is called “dysbiosis” and if not corrected can result in digestive disfunction and other health challenges.

Herbalife recognizes the important role nutrition plays in supporting the body’s ability to remove health-robbing toxins as well as in building and maintaining a healthy colon environment.

Herbalife’s exclusive herbal-based formulas use only the highest quality ingredients and latest manufacturing technologies.

Fasting is not recommended.

These products contain no wheat, animal products, sugar, or artificial colorings, flavourings or preservatives. The tablets feature a unique water-based, protective coating for easy use and improved digestibility.

Regular physical activity like brisk walking stimulates the circulatory system and metabolism and amplifies the body’s natural, self-cleansing action.

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