Saturday, October 24, 2009


* Eat less meat.
In our diet,we need to reduce the frequency and the serving-size of red meat portions. Try not to eat more than once a day and preferrably less often.
* Grill the meat more than fry.

* Add more poultry fish to our meals.
* Avoid sausage, frankfurters, bolgona and other processed meats because they are usually high in fat.

* Reduce the amount of cream, butter, cream, cheese and ice-cream that you consume.

* Choose skimmed milk or pour of the cream before having it.
* Eat those dairy products, which have low fat such as skimmed milk, cottage cheese and
* Use soft margarines that are high in polyunsaturates.

* Restrict the number of eggs to not more than three per week.
* Avoid more consumption of commercial biscuits and cakes because they are made with
hard fats.
* As the cooking oil,use only the recommended oils such as Corn, Soya or Olive.
* Reduce intake of heavily sweetened foods such as sweets and biscuits,for the sake of
your teeth.
* Eat some fresh fruits every day.

And if possible, eat fruits at or after every meal.
* Eat more vegetables.

Eat particularly peas and beans - fresh or dried - because they are a very good low-fat
source of protein.

* Eat wholemeal bread as your staple food.

Eat wholemeal breakfast cereals.

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