Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Its me...MY LIFE with HERBALIFE!!!

To my surprise, from my dear ones whom I know for sometime I received some query about the meals that I’ve been taking as part of my shapework plan…

Earlier ,I've tried many things in life to lose weight and stay healthy...
1)Like replacing my morning tea with a glass of bitter-gourd juice
2) Followed by honey with lime in lukewarm water.
3)I also joined a health-care centre, which guaranteed inch and weight loss(Unfortunately that did’nt work for me!!! L ).

Currently, I don’t see any reason for shying away & feel lot more confident
and comfortable writing now, I guess there’s no harm to share aeh?

Ok, so this is it. Before I start, I would like to stress that, I am a very inconsistent person & my way of doing things varies all the time. It all depends on my mood, motivation & surroundings.

Well, we’re on the same page people, u’re not alone!! :-)

On Sept 06, 2008 at the age of 23 when I got married, i was weighing 71.5kg & waist size was 36 inches...!!! Since adolescent my body was on the heavier side.

Hereby,I would like to share a few snaps of mine during our engagement,wedding as well as the marriage reception ceremony.

Well...as you would see, my husband was perfect, but me...(oh...no comments!!! :-( )...you could see it na!!! :-D. Unfortunately comments from friends were more disheartening as Luarel & Hardy:-(
No wonder over a period he too started calling me a Fat ass. Initially i used to ignore but later it was a practise. Somewhere deep inside it really hurted me when he used to call the same in public:-(

As per Medical Science, 30% of physical excercise and 70% of diet is required for one to stay healthy and fit.

In my case, I used to do adequate work-out & physical excersise as i was an active Badminton player in Kollam , Kerala team. I was part of "All Kerala Badminton Champions" in 2001 and Runner-Up in 2002 .

but had no clue about the DIET part

It was in April 2009 , my husband introduced me to product called "Herbalife" by saying a Nutritional Breakfast to Break fat .... A Nutritional health drink comprising of essential vitamins minerals , soyprotien, carbohydrates
My response was "are you insane"??? No not again !!!!
I had absolutely no faith on any product with which i could lose weight and be healthy . However just to appease my husband agreed for a final attempt to lose weight...

Well my diet plan was quite simple... As i was told i just replaced my breakfast with the nutritional shake mix, and continued with my normal lunch & dinner....

For physical excercise after marriage, I could not continue my 'Badminton ' practice ... However started walking for 10 mins( 300mts) daily to the bus-stop and used stairs to reach my office.

By June 2009 , i could see a incredible change in me... My weight had reduced to 63 Kg & waist was reduced to 32". I am thankful to my husband and HERBALIFE.

I still enjoy delights like, chicken ,ice-cream & chocolate but along with HERBALIFE.

So what I’m trying to emphsize here is , u may follow these good things only if you are serious about losing weight & not if you are curious to know the change in me ....

Oou, Earlier I could never refuse people’s invitation for lunch /dinner, so do today...hahaha…
However today my body is totally regulated by HEBALIFE , which fixes the wrong food consumed by me!!!
With Herbalife, we lose weight & be healthy rather than being FAT or WEAK .



  1. Nice blog!!! Very informative. Hope it works for me :D


  2. Hi Sujeeth/Arthy Very Nice `Blog' Arthy sujeeth i think it works very much to reduce my fat body

  3. Hi Araths,
    't was nice reading d blog.'t wz vry informative n feel happy 4 u.


  4. what is your level in herbalife