Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Food is essential for human life.

However, humans consider food as a delicacy than basic sustenance.

People throughout the country have different choices of food.


****Indian cuisine is considered to be spicy by many. Most Indian dishes contain a delicate blend of spices.

****Sweets are very popular all over India and are usually made with ingredients rich in fat like sugary ghee (melted butter).

***Tea is drunk as a beverage in India.
Filtered coffee is a favorite among South Indians and is a very sweet, milky
version of coffee.

***All along the northern plain, from Punjab through Uttarpradesh, to the eastern side of India, the main crop cultivated is wheat. People from these areas use wheat flour to make chapattis (Indian bread) and other closely related breads.

***Rice is served with almost every meal in India.

In conclusion, Indian cuisine is influenced by religion, geography and climate variations. Indian food is also very unique compared to other cuisines in regard to spices, aroma, and way of cooking. There are many more kinds of styles under Indian cuisine. These are just the basics of Indian cuisine.

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